Friday, 18 March 2011

Which Blog to Write Next | Result | 555 v Microcontroller

So a few days back I was wondering which blog to write next. Wanting to keep my public happy I gave the twitter poll site TwtPoll a try. The sites very good as it allows you to select different type os question formats, post your question on twitter and monitor the results.

So my question was "Which of the following, from its title, would you like me to blog about next?". This got sent out on twitter and considering I have around 200 followers I got back 28 votes. OK not a massive amount but that more than 10% which I was pleased with.

So in all I found the site helpfully at running the poll however... As shown below your given the option to display the result in your own blog page - no matter what I ajust it spills out all over the page.! :o( I'll be contacting them about this.!

As you can see I now have to go off and write about blog to see if a 555 is better than a microcontroller at being a 555 timer! The other blogs will all get written in time but now I know what will be popular with my audience so thanks for voting!

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