Friday, 25 March 2011

Free Stuff : DesignSpark and element14

So over the last year I have been blogging and tweeting about electronics mainly on DesignSpark but will be doing more on element14 as well as my normal blogs on here and over on EngineerBlogs.

During this time I've collected the odd bit of free stuff from both DesignSpark and element14 so here is what I have.

As added bit of fun hopefully elemant14 and DesignSpark will reTweet the link for this blog and at the end of the week we can see who brings in most hits for me! ;o)

Full List includes:
Pens from both
Bags from both
T-Shirts from element14
Shirt and polo top from DesignSpark
Mug from DesignSpark (Tea not included!)
Sports Bottle from element14
Fold-away frisbee and pouch from DesignSpark
Ice Scraper from element14
Credit Card USB and standard USB pen drive from DesignSpark both 2GB
standard USB pen Drive from element14 1GB

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