Friday, 4 November 2011

Arduino Project - Responce Game

So I was asked to make a board and write a short program for a Game someone is working on. The basic idea is that there are five teams with assigned colours; Black, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. A question is asked and everyone has to hit their buttons but one the quickest gets to answer. However if they get it wrong it goes to the next fastest.

I have used the Arduino as its quick and easy to program and design for. The display however needs more LEDs than there is I/O on the board. Yes I could have used a LCD but LED are cooler! So we have four LEDs for first, second, third etc and are coloured blue, green, yellow and blue. note for black I'll not light any LEDs so that saves me five LEDs.

The I/O is expanded using the Microchip MCP23008 that work over I2C. Then its a case of pull-ups for the button inputs and then lots of resistors for the leds.

It is all working now and I'll update later with circuits, code and maybe a video showing it working.

NOTE: the dip switches are only for testing.