Saturday, 26 February 2011

Netgear DG834G and DNG2000 Strip Down

So this week I had my newer Netgear DG834G die on me. I've had this a few years now and even went back to using it over a newer DNG2000. So as both have stopped working correctly, Switch has died in the DNG2000 and WiFi has died in the DG834G, I decided to pull them apart and see whats inside.

Images have been uploaded at full size so people can get in for a closer look by clicking on image.

First up is the older DG834G which has devices only on the top and a plug in WiFi card. Standard Router Ti chip and Switch IC. Note the main Router chips get quite hot to touch.

Next is the DGN2000 which has the same (assume) Switch IC now with heat sink. The router IC also has a heat sink now and you will notice there are now two RAM chips (on on the back). Its also looks to have two switch mode power supplies and you can but notice the two large caps that support the on board WiFi section.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Workbench (Place) Of The Week-?

So I spend an hour or so every week listening to The Amp Hour and really enjoy seeing pictures posted for Workbench Of The Week (WOTW). However I think they are all far to tidy and not convinced a lot of work goes on there - so here are pictures of my messy benches, desks etc that I work at from day to day.

So first off is the office desk - Spend lost of time here writing emails, writing blogs and reviews as well as a bit of work from time to time. Also where I write all my code.

Next is the Lab bench - there are three benches on for each engineer, this is mine. Note I have my 555 temperature speed controller being built.

No this is not a scrap bin - these are all my early prototypes for trying out new ideas.

Just a few components.

This is our environmental chamber - full computer control, cycles, switches your gear on and off under full control for weeks at a time. Also good for heating up pies.!

Our Conducted Emissions area for spot of EMC testing.

Hope you liked my quick tour. I spend lots of time here and there. Also spending lots of time doing in house training which is here in our meeting room.

Oh and in case you think its just my place of work that is a mess - here is my set up at home.!

Thanks :o)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

New Projects Page and Stuff I've Made

Since starting this blog page my aim was to write and focus on the electronics projects I have done in the past and ones I working on now. However because I work full time as an electronics engineer at ebm-papst UK Ltd I have to consider the intellectual property (IP) of my company. This unfortunately means I can't tell you all about the exciting day-to-day stuff I work on.

However blogging and being more involved with DesignSpark over the last year has meant I'm getting to do more of the hobby electronics I used to love doing, playing with development kits and building circuits on strip board, all inspired by sites like the 555 contest and people like Jeri Ellsworth. For these reasons I'm now getting more hands on as well as making more of a mess at home on the kitchen table!

So I have added a projects page to this blog that will grow in time and list the new stuff I'm working on. Each entry will link to a page that will follow my design progress, ups and downs, problems and all. I'm also going to add a page soon titled Stuff I've Made that will show you the sort of stuff I have design and worked on over my years as an engineer. This will include real life products that you will have seen, used or at least know of - real projects. I'll still have to limit what I can say to cover IP but I hope to bring some insight into them and the work that went into them.

My only problem now is getting it all done in-between writing blogs for other sites like EngineerBlogs, DesignSpark and making the projects.