Thursday, 10 February 2011

New Projects Page and Stuff I've Made

Since starting this blog page my aim was to write and focus on the electronics projects I have done in the past and ones I working on now. However because I work full time as an electronics engineer at ebm-papst UK Ltd I have to consider the intellectual property (IP) of my company. This unfortunately means I can't tell you all about the exciting day-to-day stuff I work on.

However blogging and being more involved with DesignSpark over the last year has meant I'm getting to do more of the hobby electronics I used to love doing, playing with development kits and building circuits on strip board, all inspired by sites like the 555 contest and people like Jeri Ellsworth. For these reasons I'm now getting more hands on as well as making more of a mess at home on the kitchen table!

So I have added a projects page to this blog that will grow in time and list the new stuff I'm working on. Each entry will link to a page that will follow my design progress, ups and downs, problems and all. I'm also going to add a page soon titled Stuff I've Made that will show you the sort of stuff I have design and worked on over my years as an engineer. This will include real life products that you will have seen, used or at least know of - real projects. I'll still have to limit what I can say to cover IP but I hope to bring some insight into them and the work that went into them.

My only problem now is getting it all done in-between writing blogs for other sites like EngineerBlogs, DesignSpark and making the projects.

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