Friday, 17 June 2011

monpjc news

Its been a good few weeks since I last blogged on here which is disappointing from my point of view - must try harder! So here is my ‘monpjc news’ update...
So blog wise I hope you have been keeping up with my posts on other sites. on note I quite liked my post on DesignSpark about using Modbus which I get lots of practice using. Here at ebm-papst its one of them protocols that lots of people use. I also enjoyed writing about how ECU’s work on Formula 1 cars. OK this was some time ago but was a interesting time working with that sort of stuff.
Staying with Blogs I do have some new news for you - from July I’ll be one of the
Technical Authors on EEWeb. This all started a few weeks back when they spotted one of my blogs on EngineerBlogs and asked if I’d be a featured engineer. I said yes and hopefully the interview will be going up soon and will let you know when that and my first article appears.
You may also want to keep an eye out for the short article that will appear on the ebm-papst site as a follow up to the 555 contest. The meter given away went to Tom the overall winner of the contest so you will be able to read more about what he is using it for.
Still to come soon blog wise is a writ up of the amazing Lego Rubik cube solver and that will be posted on DesignSpark. Also coming soon will be a review of the new Microchip chipKIT which I have been given - not certain where this will be posted as I’m letting Microchip decide but I’m sort of guessing this will be on element14 as they stock and sell them.
A fun and interesting bit of hacking this last week at work has been setting up a Linux Ubuntu box to act as a extra backup server. So I have been helping our IT student Carly who is on a gap year to learn Linux and play around with fstab and cronjobs. She has done a wonderfull job getting it all working - who knows she may become an engineer! Its also been a good reminder how powerful Linux is as the tasks we have the machine running are all just written with a bit of script. So much easier than getting this to work on a Windows machine!
Other than that on a personal note some of you will have seen I did a First Aid course with the British Red Cross which was very good and Oh I have finally passed my motorbike test so no longer getting slowed down by my learner plates!