Saturday, 9 April 2011

Busy days and lots of blogs

When you get started with blogs you are often told that you should keep regular blogs and stick to your content. However my blog posts are far from regular unless you count the ones on EngineerBlogs. So why is this and what Am I doing about it. Well I have this and more to say...
I’ve not had much time to write blogs to be honest. The blogs I do for DesignSpark are encouraged by my company ebm-papst UK as they help to keep our profile up. This is good for us all as I get time to blog, DesignSpark get content and you guys get engineering blogs that's not full of marketing buff. However I've been busy training our technical and sales staff, have project to work on so blog time has fell back. But May will change, Training will be done and I’ll be back blogging on there. Also not to forget all my reviews of kits and product will appear on there too so look out for them too!
My blogs on here and how I use this site will also be changing soon too. I want this site to be about me as a hobby electronics engineer. I want to share all the odd projects I’m working on as well as talk about the details of stuff I’ve done for past employees (Stepping round the IP). I need to sort out where to keep my project pages as blogger is not designed for that.
The other thing that has taken host here for now is Resonance Weekly and its Pilot shows. For now this is their home while I develop how it moves forward. Issues like last weeks audio will get addressed and I’ve got a new Pilot due very soon and hopefully this will get some better feedback.
So what can we expect in next few weeks while I try and get all this sorted. Well next week in the UK its the National Electronics Week (NEW) at the NEC Birmingham. All the big guys will be there; DesignSpark / RS Components, element14 / Farnell and ARM just to name a few. I’ve got my ticket so will be going myself on the 12th. I’ll be taking pictures and maybe some video so look out over the next week as it will all be posted on DesignSpark who I’ll be stealing stuff off their stand! ;o)
Also next week is The Gadget Show Live which is a massive event here in UK for gadget lovers and its attended by a massive crowd. If you have not heard of it then check it out, and next week, yes I’ll be blogging about it on DesignSpark too as I have a pass to the show!
So till then - stay safe people!

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jrspruitt said...

3 blogs and a show is a lot of content to generate, and keep track of. Would probably be a good idea to set out specific goals for each one, and stick to them. Managing it all seems like it would be key, so each blog is its own product. And you don't end up with 3 places to find random thoughts of yours. Since you do a lot of training, it might be good to go with that for one of them, its not a topic I run across often, which is good. Hobbyist for the personal site is great too. But will probably not be as successful, there is a bajillion personal project blogs out there. Then maybe a more general one for the 3rd or the show. The writing is good I think, just need to figure out your direction it sounds like. Finding 4 topics, that define the 3 blogs and show, and that can generate ideas for content would be the best place to start. As for an audience, I wouldn't get too worried yet, get a feel for what you want to do, and as the word gets out, and you pick up readers, integrate their constructive feedback into what you're doing, and it should be a success. From what I've found, its best to get around, forums, comments etc, leaving your name and web address, or get a project featured somewhere or a mention from someone who already has a large audience. And stay on top of it, keep professional, maintain good content, and it should be successful.